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Andreas, 17/02/2024

Hi im a Norwegian sitisant that lives in Spain 10 months a year because of my helth. Can we use my passport as a Nie and ofc can my in and outcome documentet

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Asesor Credilemon

28/02/2024 16:09h

Foreign residents and non-residents can open a bank account in Spain. But the process and, especially, the requirements, are different depending on the group you are in (non-residents have more difficulties).

If you live in Spain more than 183 days per year, it's easier for you to open a bank account. Your bank account will offer more perks and services, and you will more likely experience lower overall fees.

The process to open an account is much more straightforward being a resident. The requirements if you are a resident are:

  • Valid passport or national ID card
  • Spanish NIE, which is the basic identification with which you will be able to conduct any kind of legal procedure in the country
  • Documents confirming your source of income such as an employment contract, an student card or an unemployment paperwork
  • Proof that you are living in Spain like your rental contract or your resident register

On the other hand, if you are a non-resident, the opening process is more complex, fees tend to be higher and you will enjoy fewer perks. Even though it is impossible to do it online, opening a bank account as a non-resident is completely possible. The documents you'll need are the following ones:

  • Almost all the banks will ask you to demonstrate you are a non-resident. That is done by obtaining the “non-resident certificate” at the police station, which typically takes 10 days (you can also do it at the Spanish consulate if you are abroad).
  • Passport or national ID card
  • Document to prove your address, like a utility bill (no more than 3 months old) or bank statement
  • Employment status/proof of income, like a payslip or tax return

Apart from that, more documents might be requested depending on the type of product you want to hire at the bank.

Have in mind that foreign documents must be translated into Spanish and properly notarized 

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